I am mum to the adorable Michaela, or as I refer to her LMM (Little Miss Michaela, a nickname the family adopted when she was born or sometimes we call her little madam which sums up LMM perfectly.

We are both two peas in a pod, who on occassion drive each other crazy - this could be because she is also my little mini me....the good, the bad and the ugly!

Being a mum to an only child is amazing, complex, and everything in between; being a mum in the 21st century to a girl is, hard work. Trying to make sure that we are raising, strong, confident, resilient, kind, well rounded girls is tough. I said to my mum, being a child now is so much harder than when my brothers and I were little. Children have so many advantages that we never did, but this world can be hard and scary to navigate.

As a parent, and in my case mum to a girl, it’s my job to give her the tools to grow up to be the best version of herself she can be and hope I guided her in the right direction.

I'm hoping that this blog will capture what it is I'm trying to convay that is real to who LMM and I are and the fun things we do and the adventures we go on. Also though the challenges of being a mum to an only child especially one who is like the energiser bunny who never tires (true fact, LMM never even napped as a newborn or a toddler - more on that later.)

Anyway hopefully you enjoy my blog and the journey LMM and I are on together xx