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Mum 2 One xx

As far back as I can remember (or at least since I knew what having a baby meant,) I knew I wanted to have three children. Two boys called Patrick George (the George for my grandfather) and Lachlan James (I later found out that Lachlan was the name of my great grandfather on my grandad's side - coincidence, I think not!) and a girl Morgan Paige. Throughout the years, I may have changed my mind about many things, but this stayed constant. When I started trying to have children, I was 32. Naturally, you spend your whole teenage life trying to avoid having children, so it never occurs to you that the possibility of difficulties would be an issue. Well, 6 months of trying naturally, and it was time to go and get some help. Now, this is in no way a plug for my OBGYN/Fertility doctor, but Dr Saba was the loveliest, kindest and most understanding doctor I have ever met (besides his wife, who happened to be my GP.) So between the 2 of them I was in great hands. To make a long story short, I had to do a year and a half of monthly blood tests, scan's on my ovaries and fertility tablets. Just before I was about to start fertility injections, I found out I was pregnant. To say I cryed my eyes out was an understatement. I ran around work asking my friend Beth and her then-boyfriend Ben if they could see the two little pink lines on the pregnancy test. Poor Ben, the look of sheer terror on his face having a fresh pregnancy test shoved in his face (he did well though and joined in the merriment.) Now you may be asking at this point what this all has to do with my first blog post - well, it will become apparent soon enough. I suffer from high blood pressure, unfortunately mine is hereditary so it doesn't matter how low a salt diet, or how much weight I lose it's always there so I've been taking medication since I was 27 after my blood pressure was so high I could have died from a stroke. My pregnancy went swimmingly. In fact, it went so well that I would forget I was pregnant - no morning sickness. I didn't gain weight until about 8 months, no cravings (although to be honest, I was kind of looking forward to crazy food cravings!) Things were going so well I thought I would work right up to my due date. However, 4 weeks before my bundle of joy was due, my blood pressure started to rise, and Dr. Saba told be to stop work that day. The day I was induced, things were going great, in fact, it was like a comedy festival in my room. Until LMM's heart rate started to drop, and my blood pressure started to rise, it was time for an emergency C Section. I was meant to stay in the hospital for a week, but after 5 days, I was ready to get home and start my new life as a mum. However, nature had other ideas, and as soon as I got home, my blood pressure skyrocketed. I had to go back into hospital for observation and particular medication to bring my blood pressure down.

Baby on the way!

About a year later, Dr. Saba and I spoke about me trying for another baby. I was 36, and I had to be put on extra blood pressure medication because my body just wasn't handling the lack of sleep, looking after a baby, and working. So it was agreed that I would try for a year, and if I wasn't pregnant, then Dr. Saba felt it was safer that I didn't have any more children as it could be life-threatening for me. Well, a year later, I wasn't pregnant. My blood pressure was fluctuating because of the added stress of trying for a baby (it was like another full-time job) and hormone tablets. It was all too much for my body. So I decided that I was ok with one child and that I would rather have one child then have two and possibly not be there for either of them. Now I am a mum to one beautiful little girl called Michaela (who we have nicknamed LMM - Little Miss M since she was born.) She is the light of my life, and quite frankly, she has so much personality; it's like having three children. Not a day goes by that I feel that I have missed out by not having other children. In fact, I am grateful that I was able to have one, especially when there are so many women out there that can't have a child. So here we are, my little sidekick and me plodding along and seeing where life takes us, and I couldn't be any happier xx.

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